Deirdre Stoker Vaillancourt

Office: 803.644.1768
Cell: 803.640.4591

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About this FINE Agent

Deirdre is one of the most informed & connected REALTORS in Aiken. Her connections to the equestrian world & background as an investment advisor put her in a unique class. She not only finds you a home, she makes you feel AT HOME. Her clients receive curbside service that extends beyond the closing. Whether you are a fellow equestrian, a snowbird looking for a golfing villa, an executive relocating or an investor eager to diversify & acquire land, your first call should be to Deirdre.


"This was the 1st house I purchased & I was concerned about the process. But everything went better than expected & I know Deirdre is the reason why. You will be pleased with Deirdre! Of that I am certain."
Emily C., Southwood

"Deirdre is very professional & completely knowledgeable about the entire house buying process. She made it very easy for me to buy a house while not actually being present. I had/have full confidence in her."
Deborah, Aiken

"Deirdre is a top notch real estate professional with a comprehensive knowledge of high end/equestrian real estate in the Aiken area. She is more than willing to put in the time necessary to satisfy every need and navigate complex transactions."
Lawrence & Sharon, Conneticut

"Deirdre Vaillancourt excelled at meeting our every need in our moving to Aiken. Every aspect was handled with professionalism. All our needs were met with friendly & prompt advice."
Bill & Nelda -3 Runs

"Deirdre understood exactly what my family required and helped us find a new home that met our needs and our budget. I would recommend Deirdre to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Aiken. "
Susan K - Historic Aiken

"Deirdre Vaillancourt has helped me with purchasing, renting out & now selling real estate in Aiken. She is always responsive,reliable, informed & helpful, and a pleasure to work with. "
Barbara M - Peterborough

"Deirdre was very positive and provided outstanding service to our family. She kept the lines of communication open and was always available. "

""Deirdre sold me the house in 2008 that I resold in 2015. She is experienced and professional, and knowledgable about the local market. All of these were important to me in the resale of this property." "
Ronald R-Aiken

"Was very helpful in past to help rent my property. Because Dierdre helped with this, I always intended to pay back by listing with her when I decided to sell. She was professional, understanding and very knowledgeable about the market . "
K. Rodriguez, Aiken

"Deirdre is a true professional -- knows the market, responds, communicates and really cares about her clients and all the people with whom she works. "
B. Michelson, Aiken, SC

"I have worked with Deirdre for over 10 years as buyer, seller & homeowner looking for tenants. She has always surpassed my expectations in every endeavor. She gets along well with other realtors, contractors, tenants, etc which makes EVERYTHING go better."
Barbara, Aiken

"When we decided to buy a house, Deirdre was the natural go to. She is wonderful. Knows her history, the area and is detailed & thorough. She is the best of the best. "
J. Downes, Aiken